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Coral Harbor

Coral Harbor is a city in California and home to the Beast Morphers Rangers. It is the primary setting for Power Rangers Beast Morphers. The city is the first in all of Earth to experiment with Morph-X.

Known Locations

  • Grid Battleforce
    • Special Ops Hangar
  • Riptide Gym
  • Sudsey's Car Wash
  • Foredge Park
  • Palm Plaza
  • Sectors:
    • Alpha 14
    • Bravo 68
    • Charlie 50
    • Delta 55
    • Delta 77
    • Echo 68
    • Echo 84
    • Foxtrot 16
    • Juliet 51
    • Kilo 15
    • Kilo 18
    • Lima 83
    • Tango 6
    • Tango 25



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