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"Copy this, Rangers!"
―Copyotter´s words when grown for the Hydro-Regenerator.[src]

"But I thought we were on the same side."
―Copyotter's final words before his first destruction.[src]

Copyotter is a sea otter/Capiscum pepper/photocopier monster created by Zeltrax. He could copy the Power Rangers' weapons, fighting abilities, or even their voices. Copyotter was created by Zeltrax to get revenge on Trent and serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Copy That".

Character History

Copyotter was created by Zeltrax and dedicated him to Elsa. Zeltrax noted that Copyotter didn't look scary, but he was a powerful monster and Zeltrax wanted to use Copyotter to regain Mesogog's trust and frame Trent. Copyotter attacked Reefside's warehouse and encountered the Power Rangers. Copyotter could throw peppers and shells and also fire beams from his eyes. He could also copy the Rangers' weapons, fighting abilities, and even their voices. Copyotter copied Ethan's Tricera Shield, Conner's Tyranno Staff, and Kira's Ptera Grips. He won the battle and then left. Copyotter also met Cassidy and created clones out of her. Then he was attacked by Trent. Trent identified him as a new monster of Zeltrax and Copyotter copied his Drago Sword and then the monster teleported away. Copyotter brought the Drago Sword to Zeltrax, later then destroyed Mesogog's laboratory and left the Drago Sword there, successfully framing Trent. When Mesogog found the Drago Sword, he decided to destroy Trent. Then the Rangers followed the villain's signal and found Copyotter near the road. The heroes battled him and Conner Suggested that they close the head of the Tyranno Staff when using the Z-Rex Blaster as Copyotter will make a copy and it will explode when he fires it, but Copyotter noticed his duplicate's closed head, opened it and used it against the Rangers. Trent watched the battle, but he was grabbed by Mesogog. Tommy arrived to aid his friends and used the Brachio Staff against the monster, but Copyotter copied this weapon too and then attacked the Rangers with it. Meanwhile, Mesogog tried to kill Trent by absorbing energy from him with a special device, but Mesogog turned into Anton and freed his son. The beam of the device destroyed the evil coding of the White Dino Gem and Trent was free. Copyotter was defeated by the Rangers, but Trent arrived and battled the villain. Copyotter copied the speed of the White Ranger and easily defeated him, but Trent used Super Dino Mode and defeated the monster. Mesogog later revived and enlarged Copyotter and the Rangers formed the Thundersaurus Megazord. Copyotter successfully fought the Megazord, but the Rangers summoned the Ankylozord and finally defeated him with the Double Drill attack. However, Copyotter's weapon was salvaged and Zeltrax used it to create the new Evil White Ranger. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Copy That


Copyotter was a cunning, arrogant and unpredictable monster, who enjoyed toying around with his enemies. He enjoyed copying weapons of his opponents and was a formidable enemy for Rangers. But he also demonstrated a sense of humor and was shown as funny and comedy. He was also loyal to Zeltrax.

Powers and Abilities


  • Object Summoning: Copyotter was able to conjure up his pepper bomb into his hands out of thin air.
  • Invisiportal: Copyotter can create an Invisiportal to teleport from one place to another.
  • Eye Blast: He can fire purple energy blasts from his eyes that can cause explosions.


  • Scan and Copy: Combined with a photocopier, he can scan weapons, voices, powers, and people and copy it.
    • Voice Imitation: Copyotter was able to imitate Kira's voice.
    • Super Speed: Copyotter can run at extremely fast speed after copying Trent's powers.
    • Duplication: Copyotter was also able to make duplicates of Cassidy.


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  • Pepper Bombs: He can throw pepper-like bombs at his opponents.
  • Shells: He can also throw shells at his opponents like shurikens.
  • Copy of Z-Rex Blaster: Copyotter copied the Rangers' Z-Rex Blaster to fire a massive burst of yellow energy from it at his opponents.
    • Copy of Tricera Shield: Copyotter copied Ethan's Tricera Shield to fire yellow lasers from it at his opponents.
    • Copy of Tyranno Staff: Copyotter copied Conner's Tyranno Staff.
    • Copy of Ptera Grips: Copyotter copied Kira's Ptera Grips.
  • Copy of Brachio Staff: Copyotter copied Tommy's Brachio Staff to perform the Wind Strike.
  • Copy of Drago Sword: Copyotter copied Trent's Drago Sword to frame him, and later to fight him.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Copyotter is one of most powerful monsters that the Rangers fought as he was able to copy all the Rangers' weapons and take them all down. He's eventually destroyed only by Trent in Super Dino Mode, then in his giant form by the Thundersaurus Megazord with the Ankylo Zord.
  • He is the first monster to fight Trent in his Super Dino Mode.


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