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"Copy failure sha!"
―Final words before Death[src]

The Copyloid (コピーロイド, Kopīroido) (F-94) is a Metaloid that Enter created when he used the "copy" Metavirus to infect a camera in his plan to steal crystal earrings as so to further complete his plan of creating a new MegaZord.

It has a camera on it's arm, it can assumed the guise of any human, having the additional ability to cloak itself from the watchful eye of the Go-Busters. Outside of this, it has no noteworthy means to attack. Also, if this Metaloid sustains enough damage, it will drop it's disguise.

Copyloid was Shut down by Blue Buster and Yellow Buster .

Powers and Abilities

  • Human Disguise: Since the Copyloid was created from a video camera he can assumed the disguise of any human and it can also cloak itself from the watchful eye of the Go-Busters thanks to the camera on its arm. However if Copyloid sustains enough damage it will drop its disguise.


  • Identification Number: F-94
  • Install Metavirus: UTSUSU
  • Production Motif: Projector, Camera
  • Height: 198 cm.
  • Weight: 260 kg.

Behind the Scenes


  • Copyloid is voiced by Wataru Takagi (高木 渉, Takagi Wataru)
  • Disguised as an office lady, Copyloid is portrayed by Yurino (由梨乃).
  • Copyloid's suit actor is Keizo Yabe.


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