This article is about a/an Copy Sentai Team in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

Copy Timeranger (コピータイムレンジャー Kopī Taimurenjā, 25 & 26) are the evil counterparts of the Timerangers that fought them in a pocket dimension and are much more powerful than the originals. Once TimeRed and TimePink's plan destroyed the pocket dimension, the Copy Timeranger disappeared right along with it.

The Timerangers later fought Copy Time Robo Alpha (コピータイムロボα(アルファ) Kopī Taimurobo Arufa, 26) in the giant battle before it was destroyed with Time Robo Beta.


TimeRed Copy TimeRed
TimePink Copy TimePink
TimeBlue Copy TimeBlue
TimeYellow Copy TimeYellow
TimeGreen Copy TimeGreen


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