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"You there, you're next. Come sing. You've got an audition!"
―Copy Ninja Kurrisotsubo's first words (as the producer) when confronting Nanami backstage and forcing her to sing.[src]

"I'll make quick work of you lot!"
―Kurrisotsubo after teleporting to avoid slashes from the Hurricangers before Nanami uses her water attacks as well as his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"What the?! No matter, we'll crush you nonetheless!"
―Copy Ninja Kurrisotsubo reacting to Senpuujin in Hurrier Mode and his final words before his death.[src]

Copy Ninja Kurrisotsubo (コピー忍者クリソッツ坊 Kopī Ninja Kurrisotsubō , 3, Movie) is a member of Chuuzubo's Ninja Corps. A chameleon chūnin that uses the Space Ninpou "Kuriso-Copy" to create clones of people.



Copy Ninja Kurrisotsubo was first seen as a film producer, sent by Chuuzubo with the mission was to trick the Hurricanegers into joining his film and having them absorbed into his camera equipment which they could then destroy, which would kill the trapped ninjas as well. However, Nanami discovered that he was actually a disguised monster and the monster was forced to reveal himself after she freed the others. He summons an army of Genin Magerappa to fight them, but they were all easily defeated in the Five Ninjas, Shadow Dance. Kurrisotsubo fights the Rangers himself, and had the upper hand, until Nanami uses her Ultra Ninja Art: Water Camouflage attack, on him, to make him stay long enough get clean hits with her Portable Ninja Sword and then taking him down with the Ultra Ninja Art: Eroding Stream. Having knocked him down, they kill him with the Sonic Gadget although Wendinu made him grow with her bazooka. The Hurricanegers then summoned Senpuujin but Kurrisotsubo used his Shadow Clone technique to duplicate himself dozens of time. Although he temporarily overpowered Senpuujin, they quickly transformed into the new Hurrier Mode which destroyed the clones and overwhelmed Kurrisotsubo. They then transformed back into Battle Mode and killed Kurisotsubo for good with the Copy Illusion Slash using the Sword Slasher.

Shushuuto the Movie

He came back thanks to Satorakura in the movie to fight Shurikenger with a mask on his face. He never met him before but that was a 'what if' story.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • Space Ninpou: Kuriso Copy (宇宙忍法・クリソッコピー Uchū Ninpō Kurisokkopī)
  • Space Ninpou: Split Image (宇宙忍法・分身の術 Uchū Ninpō Bunshin no Jutsu)


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  • Dual tonfa-like swords

Behind the Scenes


  • Kurrisotsubo was voiced by Isao Yamagishi in his first role as a Super Sentai villain.
  • He was portrayed by suit actor Fumiya Touei.


  • He was designed by Keiichi Sato.
  • His design is based on a chameleon.

Concept Art


  • His name is derived from sokkuri (そっくり, "a spitting image").


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