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Copy Empress (human)
""Damn it! Everything I've worked for...How vexing!""
―Copy Empress' final words before her death.[src]

Copy Empress (ハニワ腹話術師 Haniwa Fukuwajutsushi, 25) is a copying machine themed Gorma Minion and the annual clone Ranger creator for the series.

Character History

Copy Empress (コピー女帝 Kopī Jotei, 25): A Gorma who posed as publicist, successfully taking a photo of each Dairanger, creating the Copy Dairanger (コピーダイレンジャー Kopī Dairenjā). She then brought the copies to life, using them to fight the originals so they can be real. Used her Growth Bomb after Kazu used his Kiren-Ken RodArrow to destroy her copy machine, making the clones vanish and they took her down with the Chi Power Bomber attack. Killed by Dairen'oh's Raging Hurricane Winds after making the Copy Mythical Chi Warrior Ryuuseioh (コピー気伝武人龍星王 Kopī Kiden Bujin Ryūseiō).


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • Copy Empress is one of the few clone Ranger creators who can create human Sentai Ranger clones that can transform; however she must perform the Aura Changer transformation pose for the human clones to become the Copy Dairanger.

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