This article is about a/an Copy Sentai Team in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

Copy Dairanger (コピーダイレンジャー Kopī Dairenjā, 25): Evil exact copies of the Dairangers created by Copy Empress, both using a camera in her human form as well as the eye on her body in her Gorma form. The clones aren't exactly perfect (Kazu's is not as proficient in Qilin-style martial arts), but their strength and powers are equal to those of the original Dairangers.

Copy Empress created clones of all the Dairanger during a day at the pool, while capturing Kazu so that his clone could be used to assassinate Master Kaku. After the Dairanger and Kaku realize Kazu's clone wasn't real, he escaped only to be confronted by Kazu himself. In a showdown, Kazu is defeated but Kaku defeats him. Meanwhile, the other Dairanger end up facing two sets of clones of themselves (one being the original human copies which likewise had Aura Changers activated by Copy Empress) while Kazu faces a third set of the entire Dairanger team. Kirinranger ultimately destroys all the clones by attacking Copy Empress's copy machine with his Kiren-Ken RodArrow.

After becoming giant, Copy Empress briefly creates a final copy of Mythical Chi Beast RyuseiOh to assist her before Dairen'Oh destroy it and her.

Copy Dairangers

Dragon Copy RyuuRanger (3)
Lion Copy ShishiRanger (3)
Pegasus Copy TenmaRanger (3)
Kirin Copy KirinRanger (2)
Phoenix Copy HououRanger (3)



  • Evil KirinRanger's Human form was portrayed by Keisuke Tsuchiya's (Kazu/KirinRanger) real-life identical brother Daisuke.
  • Although two Kazu copies were made, only one became a copy KirinRanger.
    • The first clone never had Copy Empress around to give him the ability to transform; likewise Copy Empress never created a second KirinRanger to face the main Dairanger team prior to making a third team for Kazu.
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