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"Controlatron is ready to get this puppet show going! Who do I get to play with?"
―Controlatron's first words when being created by Scrozzle.[src]

"Aah! No! Not my precious little puppet!"
―Controlatron after Devon destroyed his puppet.[src]

"Aaaahhh!! I just wanted... to put on a show!"
―Controlatron's final words before destruction.[src]

Scrozzle creates Controlatron by infecting a hand puppet.

Controlatron (or "The Puppet Master" as he calls himself) is a puppet-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers season 2. He appears as the primary antagonist of the episode The Blame Game.


Controlatron was created by Scrozzle from a hand puppet within the Crystal Dimension and tasked with taking control of Nate in order to create a program capable of controlling a special new Zord that Mayor Daniels/Evox knew was being made (since he was funding it). Controlatron, Robo-Blaze, and Robo-Roxy went to Earth and Controlatron brought an Evox Virus infected hand puppet. Using a hand puppet to control a delivery man named Cole, he had him bring the puppet to Nate (who was examining the Beast-X King Ultra Bow), which took him over. He later arrived outside of Grid Battleforce to meet with the brainwashed Nate but the other Rangers found them and a battle ensued which ended with the Rangers falling back and morphing. Nate then summoned Tronics and went into battle with them before retreating with the Robotron after the Tronics were destroyed.

In the Crystal Dimension, he used Nate to create the new computer program and, once it was complete, was sent to Earth along with Nate to destroy the Rangers. Devon eventually came out of the building looking for Nate (after he was seen by Ben and Betty) and attacked by Nate who attacked him with his Striker Saber before both morphed. Devon was on his own since Scrozzle sent both Controladrone and Digidrone to Earth in a divide and conquer strategy. Devon called upon his Beast-X Saber and fought Nate in a battle which Nate was winning until Devon threw his Saber at Controlatron, obliterating his puppet and releasing Nate. Devon quickly summoned his Beast-X Visor and activated Beast-X Mode. Controlatron tried to take them out with some energy slashes but Devon deflected them with some spin kicks and Nate stopped them by shooting the Robotron with his Striker Morpher's Striker Beast Blast. Controlatron was then destroyed once and for all by the Cheetah Charge, with his final moments lamenting that he just wanted to entertain. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Blame Game


Controlatron is very much like a puppeteer, narrating much of what happens in a silly voice and even his final words are a reference to a catchphrase relating to entertainment such as puppet shows.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mind Control: Controlatron's primary ability where he gets specific humans in his power and make them do his bidding using hand puppets resembling them. This can be neutered if his own puppet is destroyed.
  • Energy Waves: Controlatron can fire red colored energy waves from his right leg.
  • Teleportation: Controlatron can teleport himself along with others adjacent to him away in a swirl of purple energy.


  • Durability: Controlatron has thick armored skin that was shot right in the face by Nate's Striker Beast Blast but didn't even fall over.
  • Tronics Summoning Bestowment: After the Rangers morphed, he allowed Nate to summon Tronics to aid them in battle.


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  • Hand Puppets: Controlatron's only weapons are his hand puppets which he uses to control people since he is more of a schemer than a fighter.

    Nate's puppet.

Behind the scenes


  • Controlatron is voiced by Rowan Bettjeman who is best known as the voice for Shoespike from Power Rangers Ninja Steel three years before and Needletron during Season 1 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
    • Controlatron's voice is identical to that of Needletron and many of his grunts match Needledrone's.


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  • In Go-Busters, Controlatron was originally part of a group of Metaloids/Robotrons called Messiah Metaloids, monsters derived from objects infused with data obtained from cards created from the remaining data left from the main villain, Messiah, after he was originally killed. These were the strongest monsters in Go-Busters and required the new Powered Custom mode and a new Megazord to defeat their MegaZord counterparts (the Beast-X King Zord's counterpart). Other Messiah Metaloids adapted for Power Rangers were Digitron, Tiaratron, Boxertron, and Bulldozertron.
  • Much like Gamertron previously, Controlatron has other means to rely on fighting rather than himself. But unlike Gamertron, Controlatron is a capable fighter.
  • During the final fight scene, the “Messiah” logo on Controlatron’s leg was edited to change the M to I so it said “Iessiah” instead. While in the first fight, the logo seemingly vanishes, to begin with.
  • Controlatron is the first Robotron in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers to have a projectile/firepower-themed attacks not be launched out of the hands or head, but rather his right leg.
  • Besides Railtron before him, Controlatron has the most amount of American footage created for any monster yet with almost all of the footage of him being exclusively filmed for Beast Morphers.
    • The reason for this is because the original Sentai footage had him spending a lot of time around brainwashed Japanese people and with the unmorphed forms of Enter and Escape.
  • Controlatron is known for being the first main Monster-Of-The-Week in the Power Rangers series to have a Ranger summon an army of foot soldiers to aid him in battle.
  • In the original footage, he has the puppet that controls his victim on his left hand and has a humanoid right hand. But in the Sentai footage, this controlling puppet is moved to his right hand and on his left hand he has another puppet being the Robotron's head.

Controlatron in Beast Morphers exclusive footage


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