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"A pair of Gigadrones incoming. Sector Tango-Five-Five."
―Ravi alerts about incoming Gigadrone.[src]

Controladrone was a Gamma Model Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2, created from the data of Controlatron.


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Controladrone is created from Controlatron's data and is sent to attack the Grid Battleforce Rangers alongside Digidrone whilst its Robotron counterpart takes on Devon. While Digidrone distracts the Rangers' Zords, Controladrone sneaks up on the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode from behind and seizes control of it using its hand puppet. It then forces the Wheeler Zord to attack the Striker Megazord, easily overwhelming and knocking down the Megazord. However, the Chopper Zord manages to destroy Controladrone's puppet, freeing the Wheeler Zord and rendering the Gigadrone helpless. Devon and Nate then arrive and the three core Rangers form the Beast-X Megazord. The Striker Megazord destroys Digidrone with its Striker Hyper Blast while the Beast-X Megazord destroys Controladrone with the Beast-X Hyper Strike as it then faceplants and explodes.

Powers and Abilities


  • Tech Control: Much like Controlatron, Controladrone could control his enemies using a hand puppet which functioned as a different version of his Robotron counterpart's power since he was able to use the puppet to control Zords.
    • Control Disabling-When Controladrone's puppet was used on the Wheeler Zord, neither Ravi nor Smash were able to regain control due to the controls being locked.


  • Puppetry-Controladrone was able to expertly beat down the Striker Megazord by using its puppet to manipulate the Wheeler Zord.


  • Puppet Destruction-If its puppet was destroyed, Controladrone lost all power over its puppets and its tech control powers became unusable.


  • Hand Puppet: Like its Robotron counterpart, Controladrone had a hand puppet which it could use to control a Zord.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Controladrone was the first Gamma Model Gigadrone to appear in Season 2 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
  • Its Go-Busters counterpart's puppet is destroyed by LT-06, the counterpart to the Beast-X King Zord, whereas Controladrone's puppet was destroyed by the Chopper Zord. They cut this since it did not debut until the following episode whereas the mecha was originally introduced in the counterpart to this episode.
    • In spite of this change, which involved editing the Beast-X King Zord out of the buildings behind the two Gigadrones and CGI'ing the Chopper Zord into the air, the Gigadrones were struck by the Chopper Zord's red lasers instead of purple fireballs.


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