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"A pair of Gigadrones incoming. Sector Tango-Five-Five."
―Ravi alerts about incoming Gigadrone[src]

Controladrone (controlling) Wheeler Zord.png

Controladrone is the first Gamma Model Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 which was created from the data of Controlatron.

Character History

Controladrone was sent to attack the Rangers alongside Digidrone. While Digidrone distracted the Rangers' Zords, Controladrone snuck up on the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode from behind and seized control of it using its hand puppet. It then forced the Wheeler Zord to attack the Striker Megazord. The Chopper Zord managed to destroy Controladrone's puppet, freeing the Wheeler Zord. Devon and Nate then arrived, and the three core Rangers formed the Beast-X Megazord. The Striker Megazord destroyed Digidrone with its Striker Hyper Blast, while the Beast-X Megazord destroyed Controladrone with the Beast-X Hyper Strike.

Powers and Abilities

  • Tech Control: Used as a different version of his Robotron counterpart's power, he is able to use the puppet on his hand to control Zords; when it was used on the Wheeler Zord, neither Ravi nor Smash were able to regain control. This ability is lost if the puppet is destroyed.


  • Puppet: Like its Robotron counterpart, Controladrone has a puppet which it can use to control a Zord.

Behind the Scenes



  • Controladrone is the first Gamma Model Gigadrone to appear in Season 2 of Beast Morphers.
  • Its Go-Busters counterpart's puppet is destroyed by LT-06, the counterpart to the Beast-X King Zord, whereas Controladrone's puppet is destroyed by the Chopper Zord. They cut this since it did not debut until the following episode, whereas the mecha was originally introduced in the counterpart to this episode.
    • In spite of this change, which involved editing the Beast-X King Zord out of the buildings behind the two Gigadrones and CGI'ing the Chopper Zord into the air, since purple fireballs strike the Gigadrones instead of the Chopper Zord's red lasers.

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