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Continue Medal

Continue Medal

Continue Medals are special gold coins used by the Deathgaliens to revive and enlarge their Players or Team Leaders. They are made from silver Moeba Medals that are infused with energy from Ginis' cells. Whenever a Player would be defeated, his Team Leader would tell Naria to give them a continue. She would then transport down to Earth and insert the Continue Medal into the Medal Slot on their bodies. Non-Deathgalien members, such as Bangray and Naria herself, can eat a Medal in order to grow giant or in the case of ShiomanekingIcon-crosswiki, the Medal can be forced down their throat in lieu of a slot. When more than one Medal is used it can have the additional effect of giving them more power, like when Naria reluctantly gave a continue to the traitor Quval, she inserted five Medals.


  • Fitting the season's video game theme, Continue Medals are based off arcade tokens.
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