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The Conenose Robot was one of the many Zord like mechs given to members of the Troobian Empire by Broodwing.


The robot first appeared fighting against the A-Squad Rangers with their Delta Squad Megazord, piloted by a Bluehead, but was quickly destroyed by the Delta Blaster. Beginnings

The robot appeared again in the city when Ringbah was assigned to attack the city so the Rangers would be unable to stop a diamond robbery. The diamonds would then be used to power The Rangers deployed in thier Delta Squad Megazord and badly damaged the robot using it's Delta Sword to strike it's arm. Mora blackmailed Ringbah into retreating by threat of having his robot's power removed so he did just that.

It later reappeared in the city and attempted to fight the Delta Runners and did initially have the upper hand until Jack activated Formation Delta, taking the Delta Sword from Delta Runners 4 and 5, attaching the Delta Sword to his Zord. It then began an attack run, the Conenose Robot trying and failing to destroy it with an energy blast, and hit it in the legs before slashing it across the front which destroyed it. Ringbah managed to survive but was but quickly brought in by Sky's Deltamax Striker. However, due to Sky and Syd leaving to get involved in the battle, Krybots were able to steal the diamonds and Emperor Gruumm came to Earth. Walls

The third and final Conenose Robot was sent by Broodwing to distract the Rangers whilst Drakel attacked Baskin and stole The Evil. It rampaged in the west side of New Tech City, forcing the Rangers to fight it. They formed the Delta Squad Megazord and scanned it only to discover that it was a Bluehead and not Drakel that was piloting it. In spite of this, they tried to fight it with the Delta Sword but the Robot blocked with it's own blade arm and blasted them down. Whilst Baskin was being overpowered, the Conenose Robot blasted the Megazord with more lightning but they dove away and shot it. Commander Cruger then informed them that Drakel had made off with The Evil so they promptly destroyed the Conenose Robot and the Bluehead with the Delta Blaster. Abandoned

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-The robot was presumably a strong monster due to it's giant size but was never actually involved in a slugging match.
  • Teleportation-Ringbah's robot can erupt with blue energy light enough to blind the Rangers as it vanishes in the middle of it.
  • Burrowing-The final Conenose Robot can be seen emerging from underground right before the Delta Runners arrived.
  • Lightning Blasts-The final Conenose Robot was able to fire a salvo of yellow lightning from it's mouth that caused large explosions but the Megazord dove away.


  • Sword Arm-Instead of a right hand, the robot has a massive sword in it's place to use in battle.
  • Right Pincer-The robot has a large pincer in place of a left hand.
    • Energy Blasts-The robot can fire a massive blue lightning blast from it's pincer arm that had no effect on Delta Runner 1. The third model however could fire golden lightning from it's pincer hand which immediately took down the Megazord.


  • The Conenose Robot was the very first of Broodwing's robots to appear.
  • The 2nd Conenose Robot was the only one of Broodwing's robots and the only "member" of the Troobian Empire as a whole, to be destroyed by the Delta Runners.
  • The Conenose Robot's counterpart was partially used in the construction of Heavy Industrial Machine Frankenzaurus whereas it has no association with the Gigabot in SPD.
  • In Dekaranger, the 2nd Conenose Robot was originally used for a scheme by Rikomoian Kevakia who had hired Grorserian Hell Heaven (a hitman serving as the counterpart to Ringbah) to distract the Dekarangers whilst he stole the Wellness Stone to make himself unstoppable.
    • This was changed in Power Rangers due to Jack and Sky's unmorphed counterparts as well as a Japanese woman so the connection between Ringbah and Tomars was removed.
  • The Conenose Robot has one less model than the original Japanese version which, had it been adapted, would have been bright silver. Yet another was used by Professor Mooney's counterpart but went unadapted due to wishing to focus on the Gigabot (seeing as the plot for the Gigabot's counterpart episodes was a two parter).
    • The reason that it went unadapted was because it was piloted by Slorpean Faraway, a character that went unadapted both for being Japanese and because she resembles a playboy bunny.


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