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The Conenose Robot was used as the personal mech for Ringbah when he was sent to Earth as a distraction.


The robot first appeared in the city when Ringbah was assigned to attack the city so the Rangers would be unable to stop a diamond robbery. The Rangers deployed in thier Delta Squad Megazord and badly damaged the robot using it's Delta Sword to strike it's arm. Mora blackmailed Ringbah into retreating by threat of having his robot's power removed so he did just that. It later reapeared in the city and attempted to fight the Rescue Runners but was destroyed by the Delta Sword used by Delta Runner 1. 

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength-The robot was presumably a strong monster due to it's giant size but was never actually involved in a slugging match.
  • Durability-Although it was destroyed in just one strike to it's knees, a strike to it's arm (it's apparent weakspot) only made it cringe back.
  • Teleportation-Praxis' robot can erupt with blue energy light enough to blind the Rangers as it vanishes in the middle of it.


  • Sword Arm-Instead of a right hand, the robot has a massive sword in it's place to use in battle.
  • Right Pincer-The robot has a large pincer in place of a left hand.
    • Energy Blasts-The robot can fire a massive blue energy blast from it's pincer arm.

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