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"Begin Screech."
―Conductro's first lines to Screech.[src]

Conductro was a conductor-themed monster who was one of the two musicians that fought alongside Lord Arcanon, the other being Screech.

Character History

Conductro is a new servant of Arcanon with Screech. He hypnotised many Rangers but Koda wakes them, then they fight him. He is destroyed by Sledge, Snide, Poisandra, Curio, Fury and Wrench Worgworld

Alternate Timeline

The rangers later went back in time to destroy Sledge's Crew once and for all, after when the Dark Energem created a black hole which destroyed Earth. After when the rangers went back to their own time periods, Heckyl and Zenowing went to Sentai 6 to protect the Dark Energem from being taken again. Conductro still lives yet his fate is unknown as of now.  He is destroyed off-screen with Singe and Screech, by Zenowing and Heckyl to prevent them to help Arcanon in the destruction of the planet and the steal of the Dark Energem. End of Extinction


As his name suggest, he acts very much like conductor.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability: Conductro has thick skin that is strong enough to withstand attacks of his enemys.
  • Vivix Summoning: Conductro can summon an army of Vivix to aid both him and Screech in battle.


  • Conductor's Wand: Conductro's wand can not only control how Screech's music affects humans, but can control various weapons. Case in point, he stopped the Dino Spike midair.

Behind the Scenes


  • Conductro is voiced by Kevin Keys.


  • Of the villains in Power Rangers Dino Charge, Conductro has the least appearance, appearing in only 1 out of the 44 episodes of the Power Rangers Dino Charge series.

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