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Character History

A Psycho-Nezilar that could fly really fast and blast enemies with his beak lasers. He initially was sent to kidnap the Vice President of INET, but instead kidnapped MegaSilver by accident. He threatened to kill Yuusaku in exchange for the Mega Voyager. After he became giant, by having Mega Voyager grab him at the right moment and pretending they would self-destruct if he moved (Mega Voyager wasn't designed to self-destruct) they were able to hold him captive. While MegaPink pilots the Mega Voyager solo to keep him restrained, the other Megaranger (along with Dr. Kubota) were able to free Yuusaku. After Condor Nezilar is thrown aside, he counterattacks and overwhelms the Mega Voyager with his aerial abilities, until MegaSilver unveils his latest mecha creation, the Mega Winger and overpowers him with it. First to be killed by Wing Mega Voyager. Ep. 36: Flap Your Wings! The Wings of Hope Dancing in the Sky

Was resurrected by Crab Nezilar, killed by the Mega Tector powered Megarangers. Denji Sentai Megaranger vs. Carranger


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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