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Computer Dragon (コンピュータードラゴン Konpyutādoragon, 49) is one of two "legendary" Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, created using the attributes of a computer and the animal attribute of the mythological dragon

Character History

Computer Dragon is a "legendary Mechavolution Beast", created by General Kar to be his greatest and most powerful creation and sent to assist in reclaiming Dr. Yumeno to recreate the Retro Genes to evolve Emperor Aton a tenth tail for complete domination. While it was meant to be obedient to the main Jashinka forces, the combined alliance of General Zenobia and the Dark Knight manipulate it for Kar's downfall: hacking into it with a device the Dark Knight created, they force a switch where they would gain Yumeno from Computer Dragon for Zenobia's own ten-tail plot, while forcing an exploding dummy to be given by Kar to Aton to make him look like a fool and discredit him to his leader.

When the Dynaman reach the captured Yumeno and Computer Dragon, they destroy the device controlling the Mechavolution Beast making it rampage. However before it can do anything to stop their plans, the Dark Knight destroys it with his Dance of Death: Dark Hurricane. Yet even with the Mechavolution Beast out of his control, Kar still revives it with the Big Bang Beam, his final act as he dies in a final attempt to stop the Dynaman. The heroes use DynaRobo's Fire Dragon to stun Computer Dragon long enough for a Lightning Gravity Fall to finish it off.


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Modus and Arsenal

Computer Dragon is most notable for its computer which gives it both strength and accurate precision, even with the potential of being hacked into to be controlled by others. It also uses Dragon Balls as bombs, am energy wave from the claws called the Dragon Flash, and has the power of fast flight.


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Behind the Scenes

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