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This page highlights the differences between Zeibu of the Mummy and Mummy.

Zeibu of the Mummy


Zeibu of the Mummy Mummy
Zeibu was summoned from the depths of the Earth with a chant from Makuin and Kinggon, was classified as a newcomer, and could mummify humans and turn them into his undead slaves. Mummy had no special skills and was born when Distractor emerged, first giving him an ethereal form and then a physical one after his empowering by the Wild Sword.
Fought all of the Goseigers at once and on his own and was defeated by their combined efforts. Was singlehandedly defeated by Emma Goodall while she was empowered by her Ultra Mode and finally killed along with his allies and creator by the Rangers' new finishing move, the Ultra Strike.
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