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This page highlights the differences between ZZ Gyuri and Crosspatch.

ZZ Gyuri
PRT Crosspatch
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ZZ Gyuri Crosspatch
Based on kimchi vegetables and a pickling barrel. Based on a pirate.
Appeared n the 32nd episode. Appeared in the 29th episode.
Stole RV Robo to try and get more kimchi from China. Given the Turbo Megazord by Divatox.
Had no schemes prior to stealing RV Robo. Initially sent to destroy the Space Base magnet that the Rangers were using to bring it dow so that they could retrieve the Phantom Ruby and thier old Megazord.
First fought by the Carrangers when they confronted him to retrieve thier old mecha. First confronted by the Power Rangers when he and some Piranhatrons came to Earth to destroy the magnet.
Unclear how he got Combatant Wumpers to help him in battle (seeing as he was doing this against the Bowzock's will). Given Chromites willingly by Divatox to aid in piloting the Turbo Megazord.
Never retreated from battle. Retreated to the Space Base after his original mission was complete.
Survived being explosively crushed under the Turbo Megazord's battery pack and was able to enlarge himself. Initially killed she the Turbo Megazord's battery pack fell on him and had to be grown by Divatox.
Grown by eating Imo-youkan. Grown by having torpedoes explode around him.
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