This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Yellow Buster/Beast Morphers Yellow

This page highlights the differences between Yoko Usami and Zoey Reeves.

Yellow Buster
Beast Morphers Yellow


Yoko Zoey
Yoko was preceded by Luka Millfy. Zoey appeared 6 years after Gia Moran.
Yoko appeared 3 years before Nagi Matsuo. Zoey was preceded by Calvin Maxwell.
Yoko was succeeded by Ian Yorkland, a Black Ranger, later Mio Natsume. Zoey appeared 4 years after Chase Randall

Yoko appeared concurrently with Emily, the Yellow Samurai Ranger, and briefly Gia Moran (but as Gosei Yellow).

Zoey appeares concurrently with Banba, the Black Ranger of the Ryusoulgers, as well as the 44th and 45th Sentai teams.

Yoko has a Ranger Key. Zoey does not have a ranger key.
Yoko debuted in Gokaiger vs Gavan.

Zoey debuted in the Boom Studios! Comic Event Shattered Grid.

Yoko requires a steady supply of caloric energy in form of sugar (typically eating candy) in order to prevent her weakpoint from activating due to a special program uploaded into her by Yousuke Sakurada. Zoey requires a carrot to prevent her weakpoint from activating due to her being linked with Jackrabbit DNA which became semi-corrupted by the Evox Virus.
Is already a Go-Buster candidate since childhood. Was a laundry girl of Grid Battleforce and became a Ranger by accident when the original candidate corrupted.
Lost her scientist mother to the Messiah incident. Her mother is a reporter and is doing fine.
Yoko is a childhood friend and guardian to Ryuji. Zoey didn't know Ravi until they became rangers and he was nothing more than a teammate to her.
Yoko meets Gai Ikari 3-time in a movie teamup or specials. She never met Orion during team-up episode.
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