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This page highlights the differences between Yokai Mokumokuren and Typeface.
Yokai Mokumokuren


Yokai Mokumokuren Typeface
Was a hybrid of a video game and keyboard Yokai. Was a computer virus-themed contestant despite his appearance being that of a keyboard.
Instrumental in the ultimate discovery of the End Shuriken. Plot played no part in the debut of the Ninja Nexus Star.
His plot was to abduct children who were addicted to video games by trapping them inside the video game. His plot was to inject computer virus into the Ninja Rangers' weapons and technology, rendering them useless.
He fights the Ninningers to a JRPG-esque battle sequence, similar to early Final Fantasy and Pokemon games. He doesn't have a unique battle sequence against the Ninja Rangers.
Destroyed by Nagi's Marvellous Strike using the End Shuriken and the Strongest Ninja Sword Ninja Gekiatsuto. The Gamma Gamma Guns and Star Sword-Gun only weakened him. Destroyed by the Ninja Blasters and Rockstorm Guitar's combined attack. Neither the Superstar Blade nor the Ninja Nexus Star was used against him since neither had debuted yet.
Had time to speak before exploding. Died almost immediately after being shot with only two words being said before he died.
Said "ta-da" when enlarged. Said nothing except a growl when enlarged.
Final words were him warning against kids playing too many video games. Final words were him regretting not making a copy of himself and then shrieking.
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