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This page highlights the differences between Yama-uba and Dischordia.



Yama-uba Dischordia
Younger sister of Daimaou alongside Daidarabotchi. Servant of Master Vile alongside Lord Zedd.
Possesses two forms: a form she uses herself and a "power-up" form created by Daimaou. Has one main combat form, second form has no known combat capabilities as she immediately turned into battle mode.
Grew herself using the Yokai Cloud and not by Bandora or Shadam. Grown by Rita and Zedd's lightning.
Used powerful Yokai magic to trap children to be turned into chickens to feed guests at an inn she ran. Has the ability to cause people to become entranced into singing and dancing beyond their control.
Had no particular weakness, used an enhanced version of the Yokai Cloud to keep reviving her after growing until the Kakuranger use good emotions to clear it allowing for her final destruction. This clearing also erased the cloud from existance forever. Gained a weakness to sunlight after being grown, thus forcing clouds and lightning to cover the sky during their battle.
Final opponent the Kakuranger faced prior to their final battle with Daimaou. Final opponent the Power Rangers defeated prior to Master Vile reversing the Earth turning them into children; thus requiring the Alien Rangers and, later, abandonment of the MMPR powers completely for the Zeo powers.
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