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Kyoryu Silver/Dino Charge Silver Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Wise God Torin and Zenowing.

Kyoryu Silver
DC Silver
Dino Charge Silver


Torin Zenowing
Is the mentor of the Kyoryugers Is the apprentice of the rangers' mentor, Keeper.
Debuted in Brave 1: He's Here! The Bright Red King, the first episode of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Debuted in Silver Secret, the 14th episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.
He personally recruited the Kyoryugers. He never recruited the Dino Charge Rangers.
Created all the Zyudenryu including Zyudenryu Tobaspino. He created all the Zords except the Spino Zord.
Created 24 Zyudenryu. Created just 10 Zords.
Was originally a member of the Deboth Army. He never worked for SledgeSnide nor Lord Arcanon of his own will.
Became Kyoryu Silver by taking Brave as his Life Source Became the Silver Ranger after the Silver Energem bonded with him.
Became Kyoryu Silver during the series. Was already the Silver Ranger when he debuted.
Was never fused with Demon Sword Priest Mad Torin or Dantetsu Kiryu. However before betraying the Deboth Army, the former was his true form. Was merged with Doomwing until the Rangers managed to split them apart.
Had planned his death by allowing Dantetsu Kiryu to kill him so he could battle the Deboth Monsters. He never teams up with Neo-Geildon. He does not die. He instead goes with Heckyl and the other extra rangers to Sledge's ship to cause it to crash into the sun. He and Heckyl then travel to the past to prevent the Dark Energem from ever being stolen.
  • In alternate continuity prior to Shattered Grid and Beyond the Grid, he sacrifice his life on purifying Heckyl’s Dark Energem from reviving Snide after Arcanon’s demise.
He was grown giant by Resentful Knight Endolf by Chaos' command to prove to the Kyoryugers that he was a member from the Deboss Army. He was never grown giant.
He willingly allowed Dantetsu Kiryu to take his powers as Kyoryu Silver. His ability to morph into the Silver Ranger was taken from his against his will while he was fused with Doomwing.
Appeared in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: Dinosaur Great Battle! Farewell, Eternal Friends Does not appear in Making Bad & Grid Connection
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