This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia and Tenaya.



Kegalesia Tenaya
Kegalesia was armed with Kegastick. Tenaya was armed with a blaster.
Kegalesia was a humanoid in appearance but is actually a robot Tenaya was believed to be robot but is actually a human/hybrid
Kegalesia was is not related to Gunpei (Go-On Black) Tenaya is related to Dillon (Ranger Operator Series Black), being his sister
Kegalesia does not like Hant because he compliments her beauty, which is a grave insult to the Gaiark, who love filth and decay Tenaya battled Ziggy for RPM Ranger Morpher.
Kegalesia never gains an upgraded form or needs brainwashing to continue serving, though once mortally wounded along with Kitaneidas by Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein, the two instruct the Rangers on how to defeat Yogoshimacritein in their last moments. She appears as a ghost/spirit in both Shinkenger and Gokaiger. Tenaya tried betraying Venjix when her true memories begin to return, but caught, re-brainwashed, and given a stronger form. Near the finale, she was saved by Dillon. She has yet to make a team-up reappearance.
Kegalesia transforms into Go-On Yellow, as Kega Yellow, for one-time only. Tenaya never transforms into Ranger Operator Series Yellow.
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