This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Wataru Asami and Mr. Collins.

Wataru Asami
Mr. Collins


Wataru Asami Mr. Collins
Wore glasses. Never wore glasses.
His first name was revealed. His first name was never revealed, the first Initial was revealed to be a "A".
Cared about his son Tatsuya, but had a hard time expressing it. Cared about his son Wes, had a tough time expressing it but ultimately learned to do so.
Parted ways with Tatsuya due to only caring about money, never truly reconciled, but allowed Tatsuya to live his own life in the end. Parted ways with Wes due to only caring about money but reconciled in the end.
Healed on his own after an attack by Gien on his headquarters, and did not fully recover until after the final battle. Healed with assistance of 31st century technology not long after Ransik attacked him.
Was not attacked due to the connection to his son Tatsuya, instead he was accidentally caught in the crossfire from Harbel's attack. Was attacked directly by Ransik due to the connection to his son Wes.
Found out about the Timerangers connection to the future after Naoto exploited this knowledge to take control of his company. Found out about the Time Force Rangers connection to the future from Wes to prevent him from reproducing Trizyrium Crystals which would affect the future.
Was briefly replaced by Naoto Takizawa as head of his own company. Was never replaced in his company by Eric Myers.
Was out of commission during the Great Annihilation. Assisted the populace of Silver Hills during Frax and Ransik's final rampage.
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