This page highlights the differences between Wataameloid and Shockatron (Beast Morphers).





Wataameloid Shockatron
Created from a candy floss machine. Created from an unknown object.
Created by Enter and not Danganloid. Created by Vargoyle, not Blaze (avatar).
Created to regain status with Messiah. Was not created to regain status with Evox since Vargoyle was already in great standing with him.
Created to destroy the Go-Busters using his special abilities. Created to distract the Rangers so Vargoyle could plant his Memory Pulsator on a tower.
Was not deployed at the same time as WataameZord as it was created after it's destruction. Deployed simultaneously with Shockadrone.
Final words were him making a pun about how life was not sweet. Final words were him yelling "No!"
Destroyed with the scheme failing. Destroyed but the scheme was a success since Vargoyle was able to plant the Pulsator.
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