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This page highlights the differences between Vaglass and Evox's Virus.
Evox's Virus


Vaglass Evox's Virus
Came before the Deboth Army and after the Space Empire Zangyack, and thus way before the Kibaoni Army Corps. Came after Galaxy Warriors, and thus way after The Armada, Sledge's Crew, and Lord Arcanon's Crew.
No connection to the Banki Clan Gaiark. Its leader was once part of the Venjix Computer Network.
Generals are avatars created from data not from any original human, or even any original Go-Buster candidates. Generals are avatars created from humans that were supposed to be Beast Morpher Rangers.
Did not have any extra generals besides Enter and Escape  Danganloid was never a general. Scrozzle is the third general and Vargoyle is the fourth general.
Led by Messiah, a virus based on a human skull. Was later led by Enter. Led by Evox, a virus based on a king cobra. Robo Blaze never took over leadership.
Goals remotely centered around in collecting data and stealing the Enetron  to create Messiah's body. Did not involve in stealing Sentai powers. Goals remotely centered around stealing the Morph-X and take control of the Morphin Grid
Was sealed away in the Subdimension in 1999 during Christmas Day. Was sealed away in the Cyber Dimension in the present year of 2019.
Metaloids are created by inserting Metavirus Cards into every day objects. Robotrons are created by inserting the Robotron Creation Morph-X Key into everyday objects.
MegaZords were originally made by the Energy Management Center before being stolen and used by Vaglass for their own affairs. Gigadrones were all created by Scrozzle by himself in the Cyber Dimension.
The creation of a Metaloid automatically triggers the transportation of a MegaZord which inherits its traits, with its arrival time varying. Scozzle must manually transport a Gigadrone he programs with Robotron data. It appears on earth instantly.
Did not steal Beet J. Stag's parts. Has stolen one of Nate Silva's robot parts to create a body for Evox. But it eventually became the Beast Morphers Silver through Nate's intervention. 
Continued on for several episodes following the destruction of Messiah. Evox's destruction marked the end of the faction.
All of its leading members were destroyed. Its leader and most of its generals were destroyed, with the sole surviving general being imprisoned.
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