This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Kyoryu Gold/Dino Charge Gold

This page highlights the differences between Utsusemimaru and Sir Ivan of Zandar.

Kyoryu Gold
DC Gold
Dino Charge Gold


Utsusemimaru Ivan
Is a Japanese samurai. Is a knight of Zandar.
Was trapped in Dogold's armor after he chased after him only to be accidentally merged. Found the Gold Energem and bonded with it. As a last ditch effort, Fury absorbed him to gain the Energem.
Was trapped in Dogold's armor for 400 years. Was trapped by Fury for 800 years.
Is the Sixth Ranger of the Kyoryugers, but seventh to actually appear. Is the Sixth Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers, and sixth to appear.
Was a Kyoryuger before he was absorbed into Dogold, and partner of Pteragordon. Became a Dino Charge Ranger immediately after being released from Fury, gaining the Ptera Zord.
After his first fight being freed from Dogold, he decided not to join the remaining Kyoryuger because Daigo reminded him of the Shogun he failed to protect Decided not to join the team after being freed from Fury because he wanted to enjoy his freedom.
He remained in the present day after the Deboth Army was defeated. After he and the other rangers defeated Sledge in the past, he returned to his own time.
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