This page highlights the differences between Ushirobushi and Robtish.



Ushirobushi Robtish
Based upon the Otoroshi of Japanese mythology. Based upon a warrior.
Appeared in two episodes. Appeared in three episodes.
Spoke in a general gruff Japanese accented voice. Spoke with a very pronounced Scottish accent.
Voice was provided by a Japanese actor. Voice was provided by a non-Scottish (American) actor.
Wielded the Onikōbe Sekkeitō (Oni's Head Wedge Sword). Sword weapon remains unnamed.
Signature attack is named the Onigatana Nidangiri (鬼刀二段斬り Onigatana Two-Step Slash) Signature attack is named the Double Slash.
Announces "Onigatana nidan giri" before performing his attack. Has no special announcement before performing the Double Slash.
Strategy to defeat his Two-Step Slash was invented on the spot. Strategy to defeat his Double Slash was planned out ahead of time.
Questioned how the Shinkengers dared to make him enter his second life once he grew. When he grew, he announced that the Rangers have a big problem and growled.
Final words were spoken before charging at and attacking Tenkuu ShinkenOh. Final words were spoken whilst he was falling over after the Battlewing Megazord had killed him.
Final words were him announcing that he ould not give up until he has killed Takeru. Final words were him groaning in pain and then moaning in misery.
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