This page highlights the differences between Uobouzu of the Nessie and Shadow Serpent.

Uobouzu of the Nessie
Shadow Serpent


Uobouzu of the Nessie Shadow Serpent
Was an old rival of Gosei Knight from thousands of years in Gosei World and is the only Yuumajuu to actually beat him and is a poetic monster. Was a very strong Toxic Mutant hired by Vrak, Bigs, and Bluefur to take down Robo Knight and the Mega Rangers. Is not poetic but does some joke-cracking.
Knows nothing about Dereputa of the Meteor and/or the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar. Knows about Creepox and the Insectoids due to their alliance with his kind and he was told to not commit the same error as his similar Insectoid predecessor.
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