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This page highlights the differences between the Universal Mothership Indevader and the Warstar Spaceship.

Universal Mothership Indevader
Warstar Spaceship


Universal Mothership Indevader Warstar Spaceship
The Indevader displays an array of defense systems, more than capable of easily repelling even the best efforts of the Goseigers, due to its limited endurance and physical resiliency. The Warstar Spaceship is extremely resilient and can endure high-speed travel and flame-class temperatures, easily crossing the atmosphere of the Earth without any damage whatsoever.
The Indevader was brought upon the world being summoned by Brajira of the Messiah to expedite his mission of reshaping it in his own, selfish, image. The Warstar Spaceship reached Earth after travelling enormous distances through outer space by Admiral Malkor, the owner and leader of the Insectoids.
The Indevader was wrecked before a third of Tensou Sentai Goseiger aired on and was but one of the many bases among the many villainous factions at the series, but the most advanced. The Warstar Spaceship remained at Power Rangers Megaforce for nearly the entire season and being present as the main headquarters to the most prominent main villains, the Insectoids.
Great King Mons Drake of the Planet left the Indevader occasionally, never used it as anything but a weapon and had no need and/or means to metamorphosize within it to further increase his strength in response to the growing might of the Goseigers as they were not so much of a challenge. Admiral Malkor spends most of the series within it, leaving it only once to battle, using it as his headquarters, a vantage point to monitor the Toxic Mutants and a safe haven to be protected from external threats while during his cocooning metamorphosis, such as Vrak and the Mega Rangers.
The only lesser ships associated with it belonged to Targate of the Satellite and the duo comprised of Deinbaruto of the Morning Star and Gyōten'ō of the Supernova, with the main one being used, almost always, solely by Great King Mons Drake of the Planet. The only smaller craft associated it has been used by Vrak, but it is implied similar ships are within the mothership for the Insectoids, specially for their elites, to use for personal transportation, with mainly Admiral Malkor using the Warstar Spaceship.
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