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Senki/Master Org

This page highlights the differences between Ultimate Org Senki and Master Org.

Ultimate Org Senki
Master Org


Senki Master Org
Was made from the remains of Shuten, Ura, and Rasetsu. Although his forearms do have TsueTsue and Yabaiba's horns but it was never explained. Was Master Org's final form with parts resembling Retinax, Nayzor, Mandilok, Toxica and Jindrax's.
The Org Heart used to create him was created by TsueTsue The Org Heart created by Master Org himself.
Fought the Gaorangers alongside TsueTsue and Yabaiba. Fought the Wild Force Power Rangers after Toxica and Jindrax defected and abandoned the battle.
Has attacked the rangers in a quarry, then the Animarium, and then the City. Had started to directly attack the city, then the rangers, then the Animarium, and back to the city.
His defeat resulted in the destruction of Oni Cave Matrix. The Nexus had already collapsed before his final attack, as a result of his Org Heart ritual.
Is completely different from his predecessor, Ultimate Org Hyakkimaru and is connected to Org Master for containing the Highness Duke Orgs' powers. Was the reincarnation of the original Master Org in the body of Dr. Victor Adler before transforming into his final form.

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