This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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AkaNinger/Ninja Steel Red (additional)

This page highlights the differences between Tsumuji Igasaki and Mick Kanic.

Ninja Steel Red Ranger Mick
Ninja Steel Red (additional)


Tsumuji Mick
Is related to all the other Ninningers except Kinji Takigawa. Is not related to the other rangers at all.
Was played by Toshihiro Yashiba, who didn't play any wannabe rangers before. Is played by Kelson Henderson, who previously played Boom, who was a wannabe ranger in SPD.
Had his Nintality stolen by Kyuemon Was taken from his homeworld by Galaxy Warriors, of which Madmae Odius was apart of (and eventually led). But this was an activity led by Princess Vierra's parents and not Galaxy Warriors itself
Wears Glasses Does not wear glasses
His father is the Last Ninja His father in not a Ninja, that we know if
Is from Earth Is from the Lion Galaxy
Became "Yokai Meganekomata" via Yakumo's Magic in order to infiltrate the Kibaoni Army Corps In the penultimate finale of Super Ninja Steel, Mick is seen posessed and working for Madame Odius
Father is legendary Last Ninja, who faked his death in the past, before returning in the present and later dying for real when the End Shuriken keeping him alive was removed. Mick only thought his parents were dead, but are actually alive and well at the end of Ninja Steel. They are not warriors, as far as we know.
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