This article is about a/an comparison of arsenals in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Transformation Cellphone Mobilates and Legendary Morpher.

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Mobilates/Legendary Morpher

Transformation Cellphone Mobilates
Legendary Morpher


Mobilates Legendary Morphers
Front panel says "Gokaiger" along with the icon. Front panel has a "Super Megaforce (Gokaiger) icon only on it.
Is the main and only transformation device of the Gokaigers. Serves as a power-up device to upgrade the Megaforce Rangers into Super Megaforce Rangers or as an alternative to morph directly into Super Mega Mode. Their main device is the Gosei Morpher.
Allows the Gokaigers to freely transform into previous Sentai Rangers without drawbacks. Allows the Super Megaforce Rangers to transform into Power Rangers from previous teams or entirely new powers, albeit only temporary as these transformations quickly drain power.
Said transformations do not make the Gokaigers stronger. They only give the powers belonging to the Ranger they transform to. Said transformations are stated to make the Super Megaforce Rangers stronger.
Is used as a mobile telephone as its name suggests. Is not used as a communicator as the Gosei Morpher still fulfills that function.
Upon transforming, the Gokaigers are hit with three 'X's and a 'V' (denoting 35 years of Super Sentai). Upon transforming, the Rangers are hit with two 'X's on the body forming the suit, and two 'X's, distinct from the former ones, sideways forming the helmet (denoting 20 years of Power Rangers).
Has a gold version with no keyhole, belonging to Basco ta Jolokia. Has no alternate versions.
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