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This page highlights the differences between Transcendenterfly God Deboth and Sledge.


Transcendenterly God Deboth


Deboth Sledge
Is the primary villain of the Deboth Army. Sledge is the strongest and most feared intergalactic bounty hunter in the universe and the undisputed leader of a crew of alien warriors, comprised almost entirely of captured outlaws.
He was never afraid of anyone, not even Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos. The only one who Sledge is supposedly afraid of is Lord Arcanon.
Deboth has no regards for or relationships with Joyful Knight Candelilla other than being her ruler. Sledge and Poisandra are enamored and considering engagement and marriage.
Created Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos and Demon Sword Priest Torin. Sledge is only related to Keeper as an arch-enemy and Lord Arcanon was the one who've he had worked for. He had no connection to Zenowing however.
His position was never handed over to Neo-Geildon. After his defeat at the end of the first season, Heckyl and Snide takes over as the main villains, before being joined by Lord Arcanon and rejoined by Sledge.
He was Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos's employer. Sledge's employer was Lord Arcanon.
Took on a godzilla-like form. Did not have a godzilla like form, nor had any connections to Greenzilla other than it being an outlaw of his.
He would never betray his minion, Chaos, or his own employer, Creator Devius. He betrayed his employer, Arcanon.
Had four known forms. Did not have any extra forms.
His body served as the villain's base. He was not the villain's base.
The Deboth Army set out to revive him in order to increase their own strength. He had been active for the entire first season and was thought to be dead during the second until he reappeared to face Arcanon.
His final fate was being destroyed by Daigo Kiryu.

He never battled the Ninningers.

Final fate is being dragged up into space in giant form and being thrown into the sun along with his ship, as well as Poisandra and Wrench in the New Timeline.

Sucked by a black hole along with his crew in the Former Timeline.

However, it's revealed in Super Ninja Steel that he, Wrench and Poisandra survived this defeat.

Met the survivors of Galaxy Warriors

Did not return in Ninninger as the final villain but did make a cameo appearance in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. He is one of the three final villains along with Poisandra and Wrench for Super Ninja Steel.
Did not take over Kibaoni Army Corps. He and Poisandra made a new show to replace Galaxy Warriors after it's cancellation.
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