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This page highlights the differences between Transcendenterfly God Deboth and Lord Arcanon.

Transcendenterfly God Deboth
Lord Arcanon


Deboth Arcanon
Was an evil creation, who was assigned by his master to gather emotions. Was a ruthless warlord, who had rivalry with both Keeper and Zenowing 65,000,000 years ago.
Was insect themed. Was Statue Of Liberty themed
He was the one who created Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos and Wise God Torin. He was not known to have created Sledge, Keeper, or Zenowing. He just hired Sledge to capture an army for him while Keeper and Zenowing only served as his enemies.
Has no connection to Neo-Geildon. He was responsible for getting Heckyl turned into Snide with the Dark Energem.
Served as the final villain the Kyoryugers fought. Being destroyed by Daigo Kiryu. Despite being the greater scope villain, he did not serve as the final villain. He was destroyed by Sledge and Snide in the original timeline, and likely by Zenowing and Heckyl in the altered timeline.
He did not force Torin to become evil. Chaos however created Demon Sword Priest Mad Torin as a replacement. He used the Dark Energem to create Doomwing by having it touch Zenowing in order to obtain the Silver Energem.
He was never betrayed by Chaos. He was betrayed, and destroyed by Sledge.
He had a prehistoric form. The Greenzillas were just outlaws. Arcanon himself only had one form, but he was able to assume an alternate face from the powers of the Dark Energem.
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