This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Tomorrow Research and Nick of Time Odd Jobs.

Tomorrow Research
A Nick of Time Odd Jobs


Tomorrow Research A NIck of Time Odd Jobs
Tatsuya had this apartment ready in the event He'd live on His own. Yuri, Domon, and Ayase were disappointed at Their living quarters, but Sion was impressed. Owned by Wes' father, only Katie, Trip, and Lucas were disappointed about the living quarters, but Jen liked it since they can see the city, as no one can see them.
Yuri works as a Detective, Sion as an electronics repairman, Domon teaching self-protection classes, and promoting the business, Ayase with driving services, and Tatsuya as a Karate instructor The rangers work on odd jobs. but Lucas does driving services as Trip is an electronics repairman.
The building was facing bankruptcy, but Naoto helped by paying the rangers for cleaning the V-Rex. The Odd Jobs shop was never faced with bankrupcy
Tomorrow Research was never targeted by Dornero since the Londerz never discovered its connection to the Timeranger. The tower was destroyed while Ransik's forces invaded it during the finale, so Wes used one of the weapons as a bomb to wipe out the invading Cyclobots
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