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This page highlights the differences between Time Demon God Chronos and Thrax
Time Demon God Chronos
Time Demon God Chronos Thrax
Devil. Alien.
Was unrelated to Witch Bandora or any of other past Super Sentai villains. Son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.
Spoke with a harsh, gruff, deep, cunning, and manipulative voice. Spoke with a generic MOTW voice.
Only allied with Arch Priest Gajah and treated him like a pawn. Took command of all villains in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, but did not treat them like pawns.
Revived TsueTsue, Furabiijo and Meemy using his time magic. Has no connections to Toxica, Marah and Imperious. Marah and Toxica also didn't die, the former going off to explore the world with Jindrax and the latter joining the Wind Ninja Academy with Kapri.
Trapped the Boukenger team, sans Eiji and Hikaru in another dimension, causing Eiji to recruit Sentai members of past teams as temporary replacements. Severed the Overdrive Rangers connection to the Morphing Grid, rendering them unable to morph. This caused Andrew Hartford to recruit Rangers from past teams as replacements.
Treacherous and abusive towards his allies. Loyal and very trusting towards his alliance.
Grew into a giant form by absorbing TsueTsue, Furabijo and Meemy, which was his plan all along. Never turned into a giant and never assumed a more powerful form.
Most powerful attack is his DeathWand Kill where he charges up the Staff of the Three Philosophers with blue energy and then energy slash at the screen with maximum force which was strong enough to take out DaiVoyager in one strike. Strongest single attacks are his lightning blast but his strongest combined attack (with his alliance) is the Earth Implosion where he combines his staff's power with all six of the other antagonists which can create an implosion in the Earth and was strong enough to destroy the Rangers's Morphing Grid.
Scheme was to use all three revived Generals to create the Staff of the Three Philosophers, a new Precious that would make him the most powerful villain of all. Plan was to destroy the Morphing Grid and then kill the Rangers to avenge his parents. Plan did not involve the Corona Aurora and it's jewels.
Has no ties to the Lemurian Mythical Beast Created the monster Vulturus
Appeared in the team-up movie GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai. Made no appearance in the series proper. Appeared in the show itself, in the episode Once a Ranger.
Was destroyed by the Burning Legend DaiVoyager's 30th Super Sentai Soul. Was killed by the Sentinel Knight's Power Kick. Never faced the BattleFleet Megazord since it had yet to debut.
Final words were spoken whilst falling over to explode. Final words were spoken when the Sentinel Knight appeared before him.
Final words were him cursing the Boukengers for killing him. Final words were him saying that he wish he had the Sword Excelsior so that he could kill Sentinel Knight with it.
Remained dead. Returned alive in Power Rangers HyperForce somehow (although the cannonicity of this series is debatable).
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