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AkaNinger/Ninja Steel Red

This page highlights the differences between Takaharu Igasaki and Brody Romero.

Ninja Steel Red


Takaharu Brody
Father is alive and served as a mentor to the team. Father was captured in the Ninja Nexus Prism.
Is related to all the Ninningers except Kinji Takigawa. Is only related to Levi Weston/Aiden Romero.
Is the older brother of Fuuka Igasaki. Is not related to Hayley Foster other than being team comrades.
Older sibling within his family. Younger sibling within his family.
Is an adult and was not in high school during Ninninger. Is a teenager and arrived on his first day at school in episode 3 of Ninja Steel.
Is generally hotblooded, air-headed and somewhat a goofball Is generally cool, calm, and collected.
Never switched bodies with Debo Kantokku. He and Ackshun switched bodies by Versix.
He was part of the Oddball Team which consists of Zyuoh Eagle, Gokai Red, Sasori Orange, and ToQ 5gou who were one of the 32 teams participating in the Super Sentai Strongest Battle tournament facing against other Sentai Rangers and the revived Dai-Satan at the end of the tournament. He teams up with Megaforce Yellow in "Dimensions in Danger", but not Super Megaforce Red himself and he does not encounter Lokar.

Note: ToQger, Zyuohger, and Kyuranger don't have a Power Rangers adaptation.

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