This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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 This page highlights the differences between Sword General Budoh  and Treacheron
Sword General Budoh


Sword General Budoh Treacheron
Worked for Captain Zahab Worked mainly for Scorpius. However, he did work for Captain Mutiny in one episode.
Bull Black was never his arch enemy but rather Sambash's. The Magna Defender was his arch enemy.
Searched for the Lights of Ginga by using a fully researched "checklist" written on a scroll. Searched randomly for the Lights of Orion
Was framed by a fellow commander, Iliess and Bucrates, because they did not want him to get all the credit for reviving Daitanix and for looking down on Bucrates and not relying on him. Had no association with Shelinda. Was framed by Trakeena because he broke his promise about not telling Scorpius of her unauthorized trip to Terra Venture. Had no association with Hexuba or Kegler.
Killed Medoumedou in battle after realizing she took part in framing him and realized that Zahab no longer desired his assistance. Never directly battled Impostra. He did, however, go rogue, after Scorpius no longer needed his assistance.
He battled against Megarangers. He never battled against Space Rangers.
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