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This page highlights the difference between Sugoroku Ninja Ikkakusai and Rygore.
Sugoroku Ninja Ikkakusai



Sugoroku Ninja Ikkakusai Rygore
Has appeared in one episode. Has appeared in three episodes in total.
First words were him thanking Kyeumon for reviving him, naming himself, and then pledging his allegeance. First words were him arrogantly announcing his powers to the Galaxy Warrior audience.
His scheme was challenging the Ninningers inside a board game world and uses a dice to create his attacks depending on the number. He is the self proclaimed, "Ninja of Surprise Attack and Strategy" which all comes down to only using his dice to create his attacks in the real world. 
Final words before initially being lkilled was him reacting to the Clone Ranger's Steel Slash variant attack. Final words were a pun on "rhino" when he was cleaved through the middle by the Lion Fire Flane Strike.
Said he was back along with another variant on "rhino" when grown. Said nothing when enlarged.
Final attack was an attempt to send the Nininjers into an eternal board game. Final attack was an unknown attack known as his Mega Firecracker Explosion.
Final words were him protesting that he didn't have the cyhhance to make his move and that the Nininjers cheated by killing him before he could do anything. Final words were him wishing that he had a chance to use a different attack.
He was the second Dark Ninja to fight and be destroyed by the Ninningers. He was the second Galactic Ninja to be destroyed while Wolvermean was the first Galactic Ninja to survive a Megazord fight. 
His death was before Substitution Ninja Mujina and Karakuri Kyuubi appeared in an episode later. His death was in the same episode with the debut of Foxatron.
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