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This page highlights the differences between Space Pirates Balban and Scorpius and Trakeena's Army

Space Pirates Balban
Scorpius and Trakeena's army


Space Pirates Balban Scorpius and Trakeena's army
An ancient clan of space pirates who like to destroy planets, turning them into shiny jewels in the process. An army of mostly insectoid aliens without a clear objective.
Consisted of four sub divisions, each with their own general, monsters, theme and mode of operations; The Sambash Majin Gang, The Budoh Majin Mob, The Iliess Majin Tribe and Battobas Majin Corps. No distinctions were made between the generals and monsters used in this faction. Most of them were mercenaries employed by Scorpius.
Were led by Captain Zahab the entire series. Were led by Scorpius for the first half of the series. After Scorpius died, leadership was inherited by his daughter Trakeena.
Fought the ancestors of the current Gingamen 3000 years ago and were sealed deep under the ocean after losing the battle. The seal broke partially at the beginning of the series, awakening the Balban, but not Daitanix, which was their most powerful weapon and main mode of transportation through space Simply roamed in space for thousands of years.
The majority of their plans revolved around reviving Daitanix. A large amount of their early plans revolved around stealing the Quasar Sabers and Lights of Orion for their own. Later on, they simply wanted to destroy the Power Rangers to avenge Scorpius' death.

None of their plans had anything to do with Titanosaur, as it did not even belong to them.

Was the only group of villains present in Gingaman. Were one of two villainous groups in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, with the other being Captain Mutiny's Crew.
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