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This page highlights the differences between Space Pirates Balban and Captain Mutiny's Crew

Space Pirates Balban
Captain Mutiny's crew


Space Pirates Balban Captain Mutiny's crew
An ancient clan of space pirates who like to destroy planets, turning them into shiny jewels in the process. An army of space pirates living in the Lost Galaxy who rob space ships stranded there and enslave the crew of said ships
Consisted of four sub divisions, each with their own general, monsters, theme and mode of operations; The Sambash Majin Gang, The Budoh Majin Mob, The Iliess Majin Tribe and Battobas Majin Corps. No distinctions were made between the generals and monsters used in this faction; only allied with Hexuba and Barbarax, not Villamax or Treacheron
Fought the ancestors of the current Gingamen 3000 years ago and were sealed deep under the ocean after losing the battle. The seal broke partially at the beginning of the series. Were simply denizens of the Lost Galaxy scavenging on ships trapped there.
The majority of their plans revolved around reviving Daitanix, which was their main mode of transportation through space The majority of their plans involved defeating the Rangers so they could enslave the people of Terra Venture.

They did not need to revive Titanisaur, as it was not sealed.

Was the only group of villains present in Gingaman. Were not the main group of villains in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, lasting only for seven episodes.

The main villains in the series were Scorpius and Trakeena's Army.

Were destroyed by the Gingamen Were not destroyed by the Galaxy Rangers. Instead, they were destroyed by Trakeena's Scorpion Stinger after entering the regular galaxy, as she did not want a rival group of villains trying to take over the Galaxy.
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