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This page highlights the differences between Space Criminals Alienizer and Troobian Empire.

Space Criminal Alienizer
Troobian Empire


Space Criminals Alienizer Troobian Empire
A classification given to aliens that commit various forms of crime, on Earth and on other planets. An evil empire and warlike army that travel throughout outer space in its journey to conquer and destroy planets.
Members act on their own desires while receiving supplies of weaponries and drugs from the underworld merchant, Rainian Agent Abrella. Is under the leadership of Emperor Gruumm but the true de facto leader is Omni.
Some members operates alone while others worked under a team. Most members operate under Emperor Gruumm and acted as a team.
Their primary goal is to commit criminal activities across the galaxy. Their primary goal is to drain any planet with rich resources as Earth becomes their next target.
Members are fully consist of intergalactic criminals. Members are mostly consist of intergalactic criminals, but some of them were created by Morgana.
Continues to be active after Abrella eliminated due to general criminal activity which SPD pursues. All known members of Troobian Empire had been imprisoned, including Gruumm.
Allied with an element of the Evolians; while one of them is actually a Hades Beastman which allows for a later reuniting with Infershia. Never allied with Mesogog or the Morlocks.
Action Commander Buramudo is one of them. Have no connections to Cybax.
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