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This page highlights the differences between Space Bosozoku Bowzock and Divatox's Crew].

Space Bosozoku Bowzock
Divatox's Crew


Space Bosozoku Bowzock Divatox's Crew
Space bikers Space pirates
Hired by Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus to destroy planets in order to create the room for a universal space highway Came to Earth to release the demon Maligore, remained to pick up in conquering the planet where others failed
Is taken over at one point by a consultant who ultimately goes insane and disrupts the team's order Is assisted by the brother of the leader who only stays for a short period
Assists a remnant of Machine Empire Baranoia at one point; does not ally at all with any members of the Bandora Gang, Gorma Tribe, Youkai Army Corps or Wicked Electric Kingdom Nezirejia Part of a united alliance of evil which includes forces of Rita, Zedd, Master Vile, the Machine Empire and Astronema; with one member joining Astronema directly later on
All members ultimately redeemed and enter into more normal lives after their backer, Exhaus, is destroyed by the Carranger Divatox is changed into a good woman after the release of Zordon's energy wave; all other members killed in the release.
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