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This page highlights the differences between Sorrowful Knight Aigaron and Wrench.

Sorrowful Knight Aigaron
Deboss-Knight of Sadness


Aigaron Wrench
Aigaron is an elite knight of the Deboth Army, a subordinate of Chaos that commands Depression. Wrench is Sledge's top mechanic and a general of his motley crew.
Aigaron was explicitly representing the emotion of Sadness, as his task was to teach Deboth about said emotion, strengthening Deboth in the process. Wrench does not represent any emotion as this aspect was dropped in Power Rangers.
Has the ability to create monsters that are able to cause extreme sadness towards their victims. Said sadness would be absorbed into Deboth itself to strengthen him.

Has no part in reviving monsters.

Has no ability to create monsters, as the monsters are captured criminals.

He does manage to create a device that is able to revive monsters

Aigaron was the original owner of Debo Doronbosu's invincibility cloak. Wrench never owned Spellbinder's Invincible Cape.
Aigaron is just a Knight of the army and in the same rank as Dogold and Candelilla, thus ranking higher than Luckyuro. Wrench shares the same rank as Curio and Poisandra but ranks lower than Fury.
Aigaron harbored romantic feelings for Candelilla Wrench is close friends and comrades with Poisandra but not mates and not explicitly in love with her.
Aigaron did not create Luckyuro. Wrench created Curio from old monster parts under Sledge's orders to act as Poisandra's early wedding present and a convenient distraction for her constant whining.
Aigaron cries a lot. Wrench only cries and whines when he gets hurt very badly.
Aigaron's body is fully armored, so much that even his spirit cannot escape from it. Wrench wears no specified armor, other than his skin being physiologically a dermal armor, due to actually being a robot.
He exploded because his emotions were going critical during a fight with Kyoryu Black. Debo Akidamonne had no involvement in this. He exploded from short circuiting due to Halfbake electrocuting him with a cable before he had escaped the ship.
Chaos used his dark powers to resurrect Aigaron after when his emotions exploded and thus was filled with darkness, causing him to enter a destructive berserker state when angered. He survived the explosion after short circuiting and Lord Arcanon had no involvement in this. His strong berserker attack was a one-off result of the cable overloading him.
Became good and killed by Icerondo while protecting Candelilla.

Never met or faced the Ninningers or the Kibaoni Army Corps.

Did not become good and was sucked into a black hole with the rest of Sledge's Crew in the former Timeline. Icerondo's counterpart Scumlaw was not involved.

His final fate in the new timeline: he tried to escape in an escape pod when Sledge's Ship was being driven into the Sun, but Heximas shoved him aside and took the last pod. However, Wrench, along with Sledge and Poisandra, is revealed to have survived this defeat, of the former timeline, in Super Ninja Steel. Met the survivors of Galaxy Warriors. Is one of the three final villains of Super Ninja Steel along with Sledge and Poisandra.

He is then finally blown up along with Poisandra and Sledge when Koda leaves a bomb on the Warrior Dome.

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