This page highlights the differences between Smokey and Jenji.



Smokey the Magical Cat Jenji
Was born from a volcano in Flagel's domain in Magitopia. Always caused trouble his whole life until he opened the Annihilation Box. Came from a village of other magical cats. He was the most popular until the cat King hired a witch to cast a spell over the village and blamed Jenji for it, banishing him from the village after.
Never met Hikaru until he was about to open up the Annihilation Box. It almost destroyed him until Hikaru saved him with his lamp. He can be restored to normal if he can grant enough wishes. He met Daggeron sometime after banishment and the two traveld together. During a treasure expedition, he opened and triggered a chest's trap. Daggeron saved Jenji by using his magic to store him in a nearby lamp and turning him into a genie. Doesn't appear to be reversable.
While being able to grant wishes, his power is limited as he can't use his powers to defeat Infershia instantly. Is able to grant any sort of wish, as the Morlocks were able to use his powers to alter reality to their liking.
Wasn't kidnapped by Infershia for their own purposes. Was kidnapped by Morlocks for their own purposes.
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