This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Shovelloid and Shoveltron.



Shovelloid Shoveltron
Appeared in the 1st episode. Appeared in the fourth episode.
First Metaloid fought against the Go-Busters. Third Robotron fought against the Beast Morphers Rangers.
Unable to summon Buglars. Able to summon Tronics at will.
Created from a power shovel. Created from a excavator.
Mission was to kill the Go-Busters. Mission was to "attack" Roxy so Ravi would be convinced that she had turned against Evox so that she could turn him into an avatar. When that failed, he was sent to kill the Rangers.
Did not initially fight Hiromu because he had not excepted his Red Buster role. Did not initially fight Devon because he was busy fighting Tronics.
Had his eye smashed by Hiromu using his Ichigan Buster. Did not have his eye destroyed by Devon and his Beast-X Blaster.
Final words were spoken when ShovelZord arrived in battle. Final words were spoken when he was failing to find the hidden Ranger duo.
Final words were him expressing pride that his "off-spring was so powerful. Final words were him asking where the two Rangers had gone and then him reacting to a surprise attack from Zoey.
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