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OhGreen/Zeo Ranger IV Green

This page highlights the differences between Shouhei Yokkaichi and Adam Park.

Zeo Ranger IV Green


Shouhei Adam
These were his first and only Ranger powers, thus did not become MammothRanger before becoming OhGreen. These were his second set of Ranger powers, the first being the Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger.
Shouhei is second-in-command of the Ohrangers. Adam is not second-in-command of the Zeo Rangers.
Shouhei is 27 years old. Adam is a teenager.
Shouhei is a boxer. Adam is a shaolin kung fu practitioner.
Shouhei piloted Red Puncher for one battle. Adam piloted the Red Battlezord for one battle.
Shouhei did not return in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai. Adam returned in Once a Ranger as the second Black Ranger.
Shouhei is the tenth Sentai Green overall, eighth to be part of the core-team, but second since Green Sai after Shishiranger. Adam is the second (Third if Tom is counted) PR Green, first to be on the Core-Team.

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