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This page highlights the differences between Shitari of the Bones and Octoroo.

Shitari of the Bones


Shitari Octoroo
The patient manager of the junk of Dokoku Chimatsuri. The peacemaker among the minions of Master Xandred.
Sounded like an old man. Had no verbal tic. Had a goofy sounding high pitched voice. Frequently uttered the phrase 'Ooh ah ooh'.
Kept loyalty completely to Dokoku, even when Akumaro was part of the invasion force. Was forced to work with Serrator during his schemes to take over the human world.
Researched to discover the character the Shiba Clan was trying to create to destroy Dokoku forever. Did not do any specific research to stop the Samurai Rangers on his own.
Sacrificed one of his two lives to Oborojime knowing that the third life would be useful in stopping the Shinkenger. Sacrificed half his lifeforce to Gigertox to help him fight the Samurai Ranger.
Tried to revive the Ayakashi after Dokoku's fall, but ends up reviving Buredoran in another form. Never worked alongside Vrak.
Killed by the time-traveling Gokaiger. Fate unknown after the return of Xandred's junk to the Netherworld with his master's death.

Also, he never met the Super Mega Rangers.

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