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Kyoryu Gray/Dino Charge Graphite Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Shinya Tsukouchi and Prince Phillip.

Kyoryu Gray
DC Graphite
Dino Charge Graphite


Shinya Prince Phillip
Shinya is the second Kyoryu Gray, descendant and the one chosen to pick up the mantle by Tessai. Phillip is the first graphite Ranger - the first presumably chosen by the Graphite Energem.
Shinya wears a yellow sash and Kyoryu Buckle like the other Kyoryugers. Phillip has a gold sash and gold Dino Com, unlike the other Dino Charge Rangers.
Shinya was initially introduced as a supporting cast member/civilian, who was Tessai's descendant and a mangaka/writer. Phillip was also initially introduced as a supporting character reclaiming Zandar's treasures from Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum after discovering they had misrepresented Zandar royalty.
Shinya is played by Masayuki Deai, who previously played Eiji Takaoka, Bouken Silver of the Boukengers in GoGo Sentai Boukenger. Phillip is played by Jarred Blakiston, who didn't play Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger of the Overdrive Rangers in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
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