This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Seikai and Aisha Campbell.
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Seikai Aisha Campbell
Seikai is a male. Aisha is a female.
Seikai was not from the previous season. Aisha was from the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Seikai was not in high school. Aisha was in high school.
Seikai was a ninja. Aisha was a veterinarian assistant.
Seikai is the fourth member to join Kakuranger. Aisha joined as the same time with Rocky and Adam.
Seikai only piloted Giant Beast General Yellow Kumard, Beast General Fighter Battle Kumard & Super Stealth Beast God Kumard not Mythical Chi Beast Star-Kirin Aisha piloted both Griffin Thunderzord, Yellow Bear Ninjazord & Yellow Shogunzord not Yellow Battle Borg.
Seikai kept his powers after Youkai's defeat, but no involvement with any quests. He and his team did aid to help with Ohrangers. During the quest for the Zeo Crystal, she travelled to back in time then chose to stay in Africa and sent Tanya Sloan to take her place before Power Rangers Zeo.
Seikai never appeared in any extra seasons. Never teamed up with Kenta Date nor Hiroto Sutou. Aisha appeared in Power Rangers HyperForce. Teamed up with the HyperForce Rangers, Andros, and Gem.
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