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Blue Buster/Beast Morphers Blue

This page highlights the differences between Ryuji Iwasaki and Ravi Shaw.

Blue Buster
Beast Morphers Blue


Ryuji Ravi
Ryuji preceded by Joe Gibken Ravi appeared 6 years after Noah Carver.
Ryuji debuted 3 years before Yakumo Katou. Ravi preceded by Preston Tien
Ryuji succeeded by Nobuharu Udo. Ravi appeared 4 years after Koda.
Ryuji appeared concurrently with Kevin, the Blue Samurai Ranger, and briefly Noah Carver (but as Megaforce Blue). Ravi appears concurrently with Melto, the Blue Ranger of the Ryusoulgers and Shiguru Oshikiri, the Blue Ranger of Kiramagers.
Ryuji has a Ranger Key. Ravi does not have a ranger key.
Ryuji debut in Gokaiger vs Gavan. Ravi debuted in a Boom Studios! Comic
His overheating is a natural side effect to his gorilla strength. Was not caused by Messiah in any way. His overheating is the result of Evox corrupting the gorilla DNA he was infused with.
Ryuji never entered any interpersonal relationship with Escape, whose only interest in him is that she considers him the best fighter among the Rangers and wants to pit her skills against his. Ravi was in an romantic relationship with Roxy.
Ryuji is not related to Takeshi Kuroki Commander Shaw is his mother
Ryuji is the oldest member of the three core Go-Busters team. Ravi is around the same age as his fellow rangers.
Ryuji is a childhood friend and guardian of Yoko. Ravi and Zoey were only cadets with little relationship until becoming rangers
Ryuji's actor Ryoma Baba made his cameo appearance as Kiroku Ise, a ninja tutor in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger on Shinobi 30: Targeted Ninja School! Ravi's actor Jazz Baduwalia never made his cameo appearance in neither Power Rangers Ninja Steel nor Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, but his actor did take photos with the ninja steel actors/actresses when he was cast to be a blue ranger for the series Power Rangers Beast Morphers that would be adapted for Power Rangers 26th season at Power Morphicon 2018.
Teamed up with the Gokaigers Never teamed up with the Super Mega Rangers

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